Video Editing

Hey, if you in need of editing service’s iam perfect for you for this! Iam extremely experienced ediotr for many years since young, i have an education on content production and have 2 years of marketing agency employee experience. Here is an showreel that was on the first page, but you can skip this and look for more niches down below!

Short Term Content – Reels

Short term content is one of the most watched type of content nowadays if you think of tiktok, Instagram or meta. The atentions span of an avarage person has decreased because of the length and snappines of video’s. So iam here to create it for you!

Logo Animation

I do catchy smooth logo animation from scratch on After effects. I get provided the resource file of your company’s logo and i do the magic. I use meaning in animations that create’s a history behind it.


As said earlier iv’e worked at an marketing agency for 2 years and are experienced within the marketing niche. Iv’e made tons of marketing videos, i can create promotional with cool animations ad video’s!

Music Videos

I can edit cool music videos with epic transitions, cool effects, masking etc. Iam also a good camera man if you’re local here to Tromso, don’t hesitate to contact. I do very epic/cine colorgrading for music videos aswell with paid pressets and packs, thats perfect for music videos.